My professional experience :

My own fleet of transport vehicles.
(In a short period the fleet also included taxi-cars).

My own company MULTI TRADE T Gaustad (1982 - 2021) :

  1. 1982-2011 : Agency business (Representing different companies / products and services), including operation of my own fleet of transport vehicles. 
  2. 2012-2021 : Adviser / Consultant in financing and logistics services. 

Upon reaching retirement age in 2019, it was decided to transfer the company activity (2) from Mars 2020, into my new : 

FreelanceBusinessConsult (FBC).

(MULTI TRADE T Gaustad with organization number 931 440 896, was deleted in the Public Norwegian Company Register, on April 20, 2021).

References are available upon request.

Worldwide logistics experience.

Employee :

In addition to my own company business, I have held several administrative positions within Norwegian companies, particularly in the logistic sector. (1972-2002).

The workspace has been versatile, customer-related and included the following tasks:   

- Freight forwarding activities : Organization of all kinds of cargo handling,  on road, railway, boat and aircraft, both nationally and internationally. Container freight in particular.

- Negotiate cargo- and logistical arrangements for corporate clients.

- Consultancy services in terminal storing & distribution.

References are available upon request.

I have following Education :

Professional title: Business Administration, BA . (With diploma).

Additional Education with diploma / sertificate : (Chronological order)

  • Geopolitical Risk & Security Management 
  • Risk Management, ISO 31000
  • Purchasing & Risk Assessment Management
  • Investment Analysis Management
  • Logistics / Material Management
  • Project Management
  • Total Quality Management, ISO 9001
  • Systematic Health, Safety and Enviroment work (HSE)
  • Company- and Tax Accounting
  • Export Marketing Management
  • Personnel- and Managing Development

References are available upon request.

My Commitment

My office facility :
Selsbakkvegen 36 a, 7027 Trondheim, NORWAY

I have a stated commitment to ensure that everything I do - every piece of advice I give, every transaction I perform and every interaction in which I take part - shall be done with greatest integrity and in compliance with good business practice and high ethical standards.



Torgrim Gaustad